It's about more than just the perfect pair jeans.

We both work full-time jobs outside of TWILL, so we understand the chaos and pressures that come with holding down careers, raising kiddos and running a small business on the side.

We also understand how important it is to occasionally get away from all that.

TWILL is just as much about providing women with a place to unwind and relax in a supportive atmosphere as it is finding amazing, high-end women's denim. It's about being a place where shopping can be enjoyable again, where the customer feels paid attention to and where women can find sizes that actually fit most body types (sizes 0-22, anyone?). It's about being supportive of one another, and where trying on a pair of jeans actually makes you feel sexy and, yes, empowered. 

TWILL is all of these things, and not just for us, but for every woman who walks through its doors.

Megan Collyer
Bethany Lynn